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Why Women Should Turn To FITNESS To Lose Fat

Why Women Should Turn To FITNESS To Lose Fat

Whoever said FITNESS is a man’s sport was a nitwit. Women are just as capable as guys at this vocation, and they should get the credit they deserve. But more important than that is the fact that FITNESS can have a very positive effect on fat loss in women. All you need to do is learn the “why” behind this.                      

Metabolic effect of muscle

Here’s a eureka moment for you. Muscle is metabolically active tissue. This means that when you add slabs of it to your frame, you burn more calories at all hours of the day. The end result is more fat being burned and more compliments coming your way from your friends, family, and co-workers.
This should make bodybuilding an easy sell, as it can add muscle to your body while burning fat at the same time!

Intensity of weight training

Any type of weight training can be classified as exhausting but not necessarily intense. Specific bodybuilding workouts, however, are a bit different. They tend to always be intense – and borderline insane at times! They’re definitely not for the weak-minded.
The cool thing about this is that when you partake in high-intensity exercise, it has a similar effect to building muscle – it boosts your metabolism. Now you have a lift in metabolism that is twofold, which translates nicely to more fat loss.


FITNESS workouts tend to be longer in duration than other workouts. Either that, or there are often two workout sessions performed in a day – one to work one body part and one to work another.
Either way you slice it, you’re spending more time exercising, so you end up burning more calories overall. This is a big contributor to burning more fat.

Dietary effect

When you train hard in the gym and start seeing results, you’ll want to honor your diet. Remember that fat loss is a two-part deal. Not only do you need to train hard, you also need to eat right.
If you’re just slugging along on a treadmill five days a week, you probably won’t have the same ambition to keep your diet tight. But if you’re ripping through hard sets with heavy weights, you’ll be more apt to stay on track at the table.

Mental effect

If you have a goal in mind, like competing, and you pay a fee for it, you’ll be motivated to stay on track with your workouts and diet. General workouts and fitness routines can’t really light this type of fire under your ass, but bodybuilding can.
It then becomes an entire lifestyle change that was completely spawned from bodybuilding training.


If you’re a woman, be proud of it. If you’re a woman who has gained some excess fat and want it gone, step up and give bodybuilding a try. The worst that can happen is that you’ll get stronger and more defined. Who can complain about that?


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