Fitness Pro: Exclusive Bodybuilder Drying Program bodybuilding

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Exclusive Bodybuilder Drying Program bodybuilding

Exclusive Bodybuilder Drying Program bodybuilding

Drying Program
Exclusive Bodybuilder Drying Program bodybuilding

drying out program crossword
: The questions I will answer in this matter are as follows

?  The number of meals and what these meals contain-

? The aerobic exercise system-

 ? The technique used in exercises-

?Supplements needed during drying-

?What is the way to maintain muscle mass-

drying body program

The answers are as follows

:The first questionFor the number of meals should be between 5 or 6 meals are as follows

The first meal8 am ": skimmed milk cup + 4-6 egg whites

The second meal: is "11 o'clock": skimmed yogurt + cucumber

Third mealat 2pm: 2 chicken breasts + salad plate

The fourth meal: "at 5 pm": half a small cup orange juice + half a piece of boiled potatoes

The fifth meal: at 7:30 pm: Tuna with water + yellow corn

Forbidden: Nuts ... sweets ... rice ... bread .. salt .. sugar

Olive oil is permitted in small quantities

second question: The cardio system, which must be followed, should not be running so much that it should be done not jogging but running for 2 kilometers in the middle of each week for one time only
:Playing 4 times aerobics exercises every 45 minutes and aerobics exercises are as follows
Swedish exercises in general .. the rope ... the rise of stairs and coming down ... etc

:The third question: The technique that should be followed in the exercises is as follows
Playing all the days of the week except for a day is a rest, but on this day of our choosing to rest we must practice aerobics

First day: Chest and Triceps

the second day: Back and Bay

the third day :Comfort

the fourth day: Shoulders and arms

The fifth day: Full legs "thighs " + abdominal muscles

the sixth day: Comfort
You return the program every week
The system should have a counting system and many weights so light that the weight you start is the same as the one you end up and preferably 65% of the maximum weight you can carry

Large muscles: 5 rounds of each exercise and each time a repetition of 15-20, such as the pouch, back, lats, shoulders, thigh muscles

Small muscles: 4 rounds each exercise and each time repetitions of 12-15 such as Baacepc.Triceps .. abdominal .. abdominal muscles
muscle drying program
It is possible if the person has belly fat that plays 4 times a week exercises abdominal muscles

the fourth question: For nutritional supplements, the most important thing in the period of   dryness is burning fat and burning better than the experience of friends Hydracycline

You can buy chromium from a pharmacy and they are very helpful in fat burning

The fifth question To maintain the muscle mass
drying machine programs

If a person can buy L-Glutamine-
If he can not buy glutamine, he should buy omg 3 . He keeps the muscle mass and can buy some vitamins beside him

drying out program crossword clue
If you do not choose one of the two options, you know you lost half the muscle mass

Final Tips

drying program
I have previously mentioned salt, salt should be taken, but in very small quantities and before the tournament by 3 days, it is forbidden to use salt because it holds water inside the body. In the pre-tournament period, salt should not be taken because it is a chemical equation that exits water from the body during this period

For quantities of food supplements and dates taken, this is determined by the vendor from whom you purchase the supplement or according to instructions written on the box

The amount of water is not specified except the last 3 days, such as salt, but you should drink water "means the last 3 days. Drink water but not much. It helps clean the body. Remnants of supplements" Not like salt

This program is followed from 30-40 days and the body is Drying 100%



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