Strategies To Avoid Injuries

Strategies To Avoid Injuries

Injuries and what you know What injuries to bodybuilders When we talk about the way to prevent injuries to bodybuilders should be remembered with some of the potential injuries to bodybuilders

How to Train Through Injuries
Strategies To Avoid Injuries

The types of injuries that occur to bodybuilders are

Shoulder joint injuries

  Knee joint injuries

  Lower back injuries

Injuries to neck spasm

I. Shoulder joint injuries

When we talk about the shoulder joint, we must remember in the first place that these injuries are 
serious types, which caused damage to the joint and the simple ones

What we will talk about today is light injuries

Shoulder joint injury is characterized by a partial dislocation of the shoulder joint from its place and this is produced when you do movements involving the movement of the shoulder joint with large weights

The most important features of this injury that you move your hand on the shoulder shoulder multiple times a day and try hard to return the joint to its position and you think that when the joint issued a voice (ie, click click) you think you dealt with the joint
This injury is always frequent with some beginner bodybuilders

There is no solution to this problem, but to strengthen the muscles that are located around the shoulder joint and the other, which is located on the bone shoulder plate from the back and then will be God heal
The way to strengthen these muscles is to do exercises that involve moving the bone shoulder pad and thus also include the back shoulder muscle

These exercises are

 One Arm dumbbell rows
You should not do this exercise violently as long as you have injury in the shoulder joint only continued to do this exercise weight not light or heavy and continued to work for a few days

 the girl's work Rose bent rows
Like the previous exercise

the Rose Rose exercise held rows
Also like the rest

To see these exercises .............. click here ...


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Second: Never practice the front flap or side flap of shoulder muscles with heavy weight is never just a light weight because often these exercises, especially heavy weight, caused the injury.
If you want to play large weights of shoulder muscles, you should exercise regular shoulder bar and dumbbell as you sit and lift the dumbbell up and down and away from the flap.

After continuing these exercises for a few days, you will strengthen the back shoulder muscles and muscles of the shoulder blade such as the rumboids, the major and the major.
And then you will notice, God willing, a remarkable improvement and will remove from you the simple khul 'of the shoulder joint.
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Second Lower back injuries (lower back pain
Often these are not injuries but lower back pain and to avoid these pains you should not strengthen these muscles located in the lower back, namely the muscle of Dr. Spaniey
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(Second Lower back injuries (lower back pain

Often these are not injured but lower back pain and to avoid these pains you should not strengthen these muscles located in the lower back

Treatment ........ First reduce the position of the wrong seating as much as possible
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III - Injuries to the knee joint

Dear brother, knee injuries are mostly serious. You should visit your orthopedist as soon as you have such injuries
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IV - convulsions

Do not worry about convulsions. It always happens, especially for beginners. All you have to do is go to the pharmacist and ask him for a cream for convulsions and paint it on the place where the cramps, whether by the neck or other, will gradually disappear after a few days
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