Explain the upper-lower program to exercise all your muscles twice a week

Explain the upper-lower program to exercise all your muscles twice a week

Explain the upper-lower program, which exercises your muscles twice a week and before we explain one of the best programs for bodybuilding Come let us know why we have to exercise muscle twice a week
upper-lower training split
Exercise once a week exercises your muscles 52 times a year, exercising twice a week, exercising 104 times a year, and recent scientific studies have shown that muscle exercise two or three times a week produces more results than one exercise
upper-lower class

Here is a link to a combined study of ten studies by Brad Schoenfeld with James Craiger with Daniel Ogbhorn published last year in November 2016. This statement is valid. Http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27102172

Things you have to know before explaining the program upper-lower

upper-lower training split
upper-lower training split
Is there an important question? Who plays the upper lower? Is this program suitable for the beginner

In fact, an upper upper exercise is not for the beginner but for the average person
The beginner is advised to exercise his muscles 3 times a week with only 3 days of exercise per week
Fullbody Workout (the need for a uniform in the gyms like this is possible and we can explain it a second time but it has certain rules in the exercise is not what happened in reality)
upper lower body split

? what would happen if the beginner exercises Upper UppeR  

upper lower split bodybuilding program
upper lower split bodybuilding

Nothing will increase the muscle mass , and increase the weight, but on condition that the correct exercise technique
But there are more effective and more effective programs than this program
The beginner is fast-gaining muscle mass, fast-recovery, compared to the person's average level or advanced level

It is therefore advisable to exercise his muscles 3 times a week to increase the rate of increase muscle mass
So why do you exercise a program that gives you an interest rate of 60 per million, if you can exercise a program that gives you 100 per cent of interest?
In addition, the practice of advanced training level makes the beginner vulnerable to injury more than others

? BUT ow do I determine my training level

You may be surprised at your training level after reading my answer
You may find yourself still a beginner since all the years you have previously experienced
This is because you will not circulate training programs to increase strength, judiciously depending on your level

This site determines your training level depending on your strength
And sets you a set of free exercises complex that may determine your level of training through them
For example, the squat exercise
If you weigh 82 kilos and play with weights up to 100 kilos, you are a beginner
If you weigh 82 kilos and play with a weight of up to 122.5, you are the average level
And exercise like cotton with deadlift bar
If you weigh 82 kilos and play 125kg, then you are a beginner
If you weigh 82 kilos and play with a weight of 142, you are the average level

This is another site to do the leveling test but it is more accurate
You enter your age, weight, choose the type of exercise, the weight you play, the number of aids you perform, and then the site determines your level of training ..
For example, a cotton drill deadlift
For example, if you weigh 83 kilos and 30 years of age and play 10 groups with a weight of 90, you are the starting level

If you are the average level, the upper lower program is the best for you
If you are still a beginner, the fullbody workout programs are best for you

Explanation of an upper-lower program WHATAT the idea of ​​an upper lower program  

The idea of ​​an upper lower exercise depends on dividing your body muscles into two parts
Where you exercise the muscles of the upper part of the body (chest - back - shoulder - arm) in a day
You exercise the muscles of the lower part of the body (the man) in a day

You repeat it twice a week
for example
Saturday: Upper a
Sunday: Lower a
Monday: Comfort
Tuesday: Upper b
Wednesday: Lower b
Thursday and Friday: rest
If you want to make a fifth day of cardio exercises alone with some abdominal exercises, there is no objection
However, I think that free exercise with heavy weights avoids the performance of abdominal, forearm, and chest exercises

And here remains a very important question? How do all these muscles (chest, back, arm, and shoulder in the upper day) work?

In fact, the training idea for upper lower is that some studies have shown that the small muscle (such as the arm, the ebb and the titer) needs to be 60 multiple times a week divided by two times at 30 times a time
And that the large muscle (such as the chest and back) needs to 120 several times a week distributed twice at a rate of 60 several times (meaning only two angles at a time)

• HOWdo you calculate the kit in an upper-lower system

If you are going to practice 120 chest muscles a week at a rate of 60 at a time, the weight must be effective, otherwise you will not count

But what is the effect weight?
The weight that you challenge in each of its kits, but on condition that the performance is correct, with full range performance
This is after good heating before exercise

I mean, for example, if you play a flat pinches in a bar with a weight of 30 kg + weight of the bar, for example, a weight for a weight that can be played correctly and correctly
You can confirm this weight in all the groups you play in the corner you practice

You heat the first group weight 15 kg, the second group weight 25 kg, and then play the last group of 30 kilos (the weight that affects you) as happens in many leagues
This is a less effective exercise method and does not help to increase muscle growth
In this way, in fact, the long periods go by and the weights do not improve

With the difference in the number of adjuvants between exercises increasing strength and exercises increasing muscle mass
Be careful not to increase the weight in isolation exercises so that the injury does not occur

Here is the question that will come to the minds of all readers:

Are these habits sufficient to increase muscle growth

One of you may say that I exercise the shoulder muscles, for example, at an average of 8 angles per week in three groups in 10 doses, ie 240 times at a time

How can you convince me that it will only relieve me of a few of the shoulder muscles? And 120 kit for chest only and others
In fact, the identification of these virtues is a different issue among scientists (such as the difference between Mike Israeatel and Eric Helms) (controversy is not significant in the number of aids)
But there are many studies that prove that this number is sufficient to increase muscle mass while increasing your training strength

If you want to make sure I do not think you do not hide the programs of the fullbody global programs such as Stronglift 5 * 5 program and starting strength
The number of deliveries is lower than these kits, yet there have been strong increases in muscle size with increased strength for novices
These programs have become thousands of people around the world and have proved to be a great success on different genes, lengths and weights of trainees

As long as you proceed with the principle of progressive overload, with the effective weight being proven at a time with the commitment after the aids for each muscle
Naturally, your weight will increase well

You may have reached the stage of fatigue and you can not even play with the weights you play
And here you have to work full week deload
The deload is that you do exercise but with reduced training volume so you relax your nervous system
For example, you can exercise half the weights you exercise but the same number of groups
Or practice only one set per corner but with the same weight as you

Choose the best way for you

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